EPISODE #34 The Challenges of Cannabis Education with Max Simon from Green Flower Media


What training does the new cannabis workforce need to succeed?

This week we welcome Max Simon to the show, who is the founder and CEO of Green Flower Media, a cannabis education platform based from California. We’re super excited to have Max on the show! In this episode, we discuss cannabis and education - exploring the barriers faced when educating about the plant, how important it is to understand how to use cannabis properly, and Green Flower Media’s plans for the future. 

Max left us with some incredible quotes, so do check them out below.

Episode Summary

Max has been a cannabis patient in California for decades and uses it to control his ADD. He is an advocate for the benefits of the plant.

In the early 2000’s, Max came across a unique opportunity to work with Deepak Chopra, developing the products side of his business where he created around 50 products, worked on his digital strategy, online channels and developed his brand. He reached hundreds of millions of people through online and offline methods. 

This gave him the opportunity to bring an idea (mind body principles and meditation) to the masses which was previously misunderstood and not necessarily backed by science. 

Max sees cannabis in the same way, and draws parallels between the two experiences.

One of the reasons that cannabis has become so popular is that the benefits have continued to gain momentum and traction as an effective tool for pain, sleep, anxiety, depression, and stress.

Secondly, cannabis is starting to become preferable over alcohol due to its positive properties. Alcohol only has one delivery method (drinking), it has been shown to cause health problems, addictions and it is a neurotoxin. Whereas cannabis  can be consumed in multiple ways, has neuro protective qualities, can be used both socially and medically.

Green Flower Media serves a number of audiences with different cannabis education products including a streaming subscription service, and an online training platform for different sectors of the space including medical application trainings and cultivation trainings.

Max is incredibly fascinated by the health and wellness benefits which cannabis brings and believes that a lot of the world is suffering due to stress, lack of purpose or pain. He believes that these ailments can be ‘almost entirely’ solved by cannabis once how to use it properly is understood. 

The Green Flower Academy’s biggest success stories come from people who have come into the cannabis industry from other professions. Their sector specific learning facilitates this.

The Green Flower Academy are also working with colleges in the USA to power cannabis curriculums around the topics of law and horticulture which will launch in 2020.

Due to the different ways in which cannabis markets have developed throughout the world, Max estimates that 80% of Green Flower Media’s content is relevant across the industry and 20% will need to be customised depending on circumstances. 

Max’s mother was sceptical about his venture into the cannabis world but slowly and surely became more interested. Max gave her some cannabis as a result of sleep complaints, and she slept through the night for the first time in 40 years. She is now a daily user.


  •  Let’s face it - cannabis is actually quite effective. Something that works and works well cannot be kept a secret for too long.

  • Cannabis is inherently more effective and more beneficial...than things which are more widely accepted and embraced in society such as coffee, alcohol, or tobacco 05.46

  • People are understanding that [cannabis has] so much potential, which is why the industry is finally progressing  06:03

  • Most of the world didn’t want to touch cannabis until recently 08:45

  • Cannabis is an unbelievable tool which has tremendous life-changing benefits, but you have to learn to interface with it correctly, and you have to get into a place where using it consistently is providing true value and benefits to your life 10:50

  • Everything in cannabis is more challenging, and part of it is because you’re dealing with 80 years of misconception about what this is, who does it and what this represents 23:20

  • The cannabis market is an entrepreneur’s wet dream, the amount of ability to innovate, change perceptions and do things which have never been done before is unparalleled 25:50

  • Within 50 years, cannabis will be celebrated as one of the most important medical discoveries of the 21st century. It has too strong of an efficacy and safety profile, it works too effectively for too many things with too low or no side effects to not be adopted. The only thing which will make this more difficult is all the misinformation and stigma that is slowing down the progress in the first place’ 27:00